Christmas In Utah!

Christmas In Utah!

Christmas is always a wonderful time of year, for most people. It is a time of giving and sharing. It is a time for teaching the young ones the true meaning of Christmas. The commercials on t.v. fill our children’s minds with lists of all the toys they must have, yet within a week, most of the toys lay forgotten or destroyed. Usually, there might be one or two things that the kids truly enjoy and/or need, and the rest is a waste. Parents run around trying to fill the lists that their children have given them so they can be happy on that Christmas morning.

My family is trying to change these commercialized Christmas traditions. We like to do service at Christmas and give our children good memories and boost their self esteem for Christmas. We like to find a person that lives alone, or a family whose finances are struggeling during Christmas time, and do the 12 days of Christmas. Last year, we put together a quilt and donated it to the Children’s Hospital. My boys were excited to help tie the quilt and to take it to the hospital. We still do gifts on Christmas morning, but it is not our main focus of the Christmas season.

We have a tradition of going to Temple Square and looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights.

The first week in December, we put the tree up for Family Night. The children decorate the tree, while mom supervises. A manger with a special baby, wrapped in swaddeling clothes, is placed in front of the tree to remind us who gave us the greatest gift of all, and why we celebrate Christmas.

We have two Christmas Family Parties, one for my side of the family, and one for my husband’s side. We try to get together on Christmas Eve and we have a nice home-made dinner. We visit and after dinner, all the children act out the story of the birth of Christ, as one of the Uncles reads the story from the Bible. Sometimes we sing some Christmas carols during the story.

My husband’s side of the family decided that there were enough families in their neighborhoods that needed Sub-for-Santa’s, more that our families did, so instead of exchanging family gifts, they choose to give the gifts or money to a more needy family.

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