Christmas in Zimbabwe

Christmas in Zimbabwe

Fellowship is a big part of Christmas Day in Zimbabwe. Kisimusi, or Christmas is

celebrated December 25, during their summer. Fathers give gifts to their children

and wives, ususally consisting of clothes and candy. Starting weeks in ahead,

everyone starts to gather loaves of bread, jam, tea, and sugar for the Christmas

dinner. At the early morning church service, the children sing the songs that they

have practiced for this special day. Sometimes a feast is held for the members of the

church. This meal is served at one home. The women take turns preparing the food

so that they all have a chance to attend the service. It can consist of fresh roast ox or

goat, cornmeal porridge, bread, jam, tea, and sugar. After the dinner, they all sit,

relax, and sing gospel songs. The minister may even give an informal sermon to try

and win more souls to Christ. As the sun goes down, herd boys return to their flocks

and children play games around the fire. After the sun sinks in the west, Christmas

is officially over.

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