Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy

Hello. My name is Tess Makayin. Every year we celebrate Christmas and Christmas Eve with family including grandmothers and my grandfather (the other one has passed on) and we have such a good time.

On Christmas Eve, we go to church at around 5:00 and then usually go to my aunt’s house (my grandmother and grandfather are getting too old to spend it at their house). We go outside in the cold (me, my three cousins and my sister) and sing Christmas carols to the people passing by with probably no one to spend Christmas eve with. After that, we go inside and have dessert. After dessert, we open our presents from our aunts and uncles. Then, we do kisses and hugs and say good bye.

As soon as we get home, my sister and I get into our beds (usally we get one pair of Christmas pajamas from a relative) and let my parents prepare our gifts under our tree. The next morning with me being the first we wake up, I run downstairs with the rest the family lagging behind as they wonder why I am waking them up at 7:00 in the morning.

After my sister and I open up our girft, we take home videos and take pictures (which is after we get dressed) and then after that, we go spend Christmas Day with relatives again.

At around 2:00 p.m., we eat dinner and after that we share with each other what we got. After that, we eat a Christmas desert. Then we hang out. After that, we all go home and enjoy the rest of Christmas with our family.

I am very happy for having such loving parents and I hope all children out there feel the same love I do on Christmas night and day.

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