Christmas Shopping Checklist

Christmas Shopping Checklist

Our guide to preparing for the holidays!

It seems as though the holiday season approaches faster every year. Before the Christmas shopping begins, you need to make a list of the presents you plan to buy. Your list can include Christmas gifts for the neighbor, your children or someone you have never met who won’t have anything for the holiday.

Start planning early!
Some people begin their Christmas planning the day after New Year’s. This might seem a little early, but it is often the best time to get great deals on items that can be stored in a closet. Toys are often on clearance, and those items that no one wanted will likely be on sale. Make sure the Christmas gift ideas don’t include anything with food or liquid if you plan on storing items. You can also visit online sites for amazing deals in the weeks after Christmas. As you begin holiday planning, make a list of the websites and stores that have previously had the best deals. 

Buy the toughest gifts first!
When you begin Christmas shopping, start with the people who are hardest to buy for first. This will give you one less headache the closer it gets to the holiday season. Holiday planning isn’t complete without a list of gifts that you might need for visitors who stop by the house who you don’t expect. Your list should also include favorite items that your family and friends enjoy. If there is something you know the person doesn’t like or won’t use, then add this to your Christmas gift ideas as well. If you prepare yourself in the months before Christmas, you will be less stressed about the holiday and will be able to enjoy it more with your family. 

Be ahead of schedule!
The final weeks before the big holiday should be marked with making final Christmas planning. If you started your Christmas shopping ahead of time, then you can avoid the rush of last minute shoppers. Get packages in the mail a few weeks before Christmas to ensure they are delivered in time, and get a tracking number so you know the person received the present. Set a budget for each person, and when you have finished shopping for that person, check the name off your list so you won’t be tempted to spend extra money. Enjoy the holiday season with family and friends after shopping your way through the year. 

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