Christmas Shopping Horror Stories

Christmas Shopping Horror Stories

Every Christmas shopper has their own story or two about the heated moments in the checkout line up or fighting over the last remaining item. The stress of trying to find a suitable gift and the hard hits to one’s bank account can make the merry season seem less than joyful. As the days count down to Christmas day, last minute shoppers get increasingly desperate. These tense moments can quickly escalate and become a Christmas shopping horror story.



Not Quite a Christmas Carol.

We’ve all heard it, the less than lovely language spewed by a frustrated shopper regardless of their present company. As the man snarls into his cell phone and holding onto his daughter with the other hand, the press to get though the line increases as parents attempt to hustle their children’s ears away from the offender.



Let’s Get Physical.

Then there’s the more aggressive shopper. The simultaneous reach for a sale item turns into an ultimate wrestling match. On one corner is the mother of four with stockings still to stuff, and in the other corner the seasoned sale shopper with an evil eye for deals and steals. As the tug o’ war for the limited edition Christmas Barbie continues, the seasoned sale shopper is overcome with determination to purchase and lashes out with a strong right hook.



Merry Christmas to You Too.

Cashiers especially seem to be affected by the holiday blues. As they ram your purchase through, denting the box the expensive Lego kit is in, they hardly meet your eyes and grunt in response to your seasons greetings. The situation only gets worse if your bank card gets rejected or you take a moment to long fetching your wallet. The impatient fidgeting from the cashier and their demanding glare does nothing to lift your holiday mood.



Disappearing Act.

Your arms are aching from carrying around multiple bags and trolling the shops for the last several hours. You find a somewhat quiet corner and set down your things to take a breather. When you go back to gather your bags… things are missing. Whether it’s you wallet, your shopping bags or the items you intended to purchase, nothing sends your stomach to the ground faster.

Whether your Christmas shopping horror story is a stolen wallet or a black eye and an empty shopping cart, it’s all forgotten when you settle in with your loved ones. With shopping far out of your mind and the true meaning of the season settling in, your story may even seem funny.



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