A Christmas Tree Ornament Every Year

A Christmas Tree Ornament Every Year

My Christmas family tradition started with my father when I was three years old and I continue following his tradition.  Every Christmas my father would either make or purchase a tree ornament and write my name and the year on it.  He would then hang it on the tree.  My parents divorced when I was three years old therefore I wasn’t able to always spend the holidays with him so the ornament became a symbol of family unity even though we were not together.

When I turned 18 and was in college, my father sent me a box containing all the ornaments from my childhood so I could have them for my Christmas tree..  And to this day, he sends me a new ornament every year with my name the year on it.  I always look forward to the new one to add to the collection and the tree.

My husband and I carry on the tradition by getting new ornaments each year and putting them on our tree.  Decorating is always fun but adding in remembrances of past Christmas’ reminds us of good times and connections to family.

Buffy Martin Tarbox
San Francisco, CA

Editor’s Note: Christmas is about Sharing. To this end, we’ve asked for readers to contribute their own Christmas traditions and family stories. By sharing traditions, everyone gets a better understanding about how Christmas is celebrated around the world.



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