’s Christmas Tree Contest!

Christmas is fast approaching, and we know that you’re busy decorating for the holiday season. That’s why we’re asking you to submit your Christmas Tree in our Christmas Tree Contest for 2012! Whether your Christmas Tree is artificial or natural, red or green, lit or unlit, we ask you to submit your photo as soon as possible so that our members can vote for their favorite! Our winner will be determined by the greatest number of votes received, and our in-house Christmas Tree Professionals.


Just visit our Contests Page for more information!






And speaking of Christmas Trees, here are 8 interesting facts that you may not have known about our favourite holiday tradition:

  1. The custom of the Christmas tree developed in early modern Germany, and goes back to the 16th century!
  2. Americans buy 25-30 million real trees, and 8-12 million artificial trees every Christmas.
  3. New York’s Rockefeller Centre has been raising it’s Christmas tree for more than 80 Christmases.
  4. Due to overharvesting in the 1900s, the supply of evergreens declined significantly.
  5. The average Christmas Tree in the USA sells for $34.87
  6. 31% of Americans buy their trees from Independent Tree Farms.
  7. For every real Christmas Tree harvested, 1 to 3 seedlings are planted the following spring.
  8. The world’s largest floating Christmas Tree stands nearly 280 feet tall and weighs 542 tonnes!


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