Cosmopolitan Christmas

Cosmopolitan Christmas

Christmas in Australia is truly a special event. It occurs in the middle of our summer, so much of our celebrating is done in the balmy evenings, often out of doors. This can include gatherings of friends for pre-Christmas drinks as well as the popular barbeque. From the beginning of December people decorate their homes with the usual assortment of Northern Hemisphere items such as snowmen and fir trees. This reflects the influence of the many traditional homelands of our population.

As well as the Aboriginal population, Australia is peopled by folk of many cultures. Many Asian and European traditions have crept into our Christmas, which, for Aussies of all backgrounds, is a celebration of family love and being together at least once a year.

From the wonderful fragrance of a roast turkey with all the trimmings, to a light seafood luncheon, to cold meats and salads Aussies treasure their Christmas feast which is usually served at lunchtime. Festivities are started on Christmas Eve by either participating in or watching Carols by Candlelight broadcast live from a large park in the middle of Melbourne. The weather is usually warm if not hot, and the sight of thousands of candle flames waving in the summer night is truly magical.

If you ever come to my country, come at Christmas. I promise you that you will never think of this special time in quite the same way again.

A very happy Christmas to everyone. Nette.

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