Cracuin Fericit!

Cracuin Fericit!

Cracuin Fericit!

Christmas in Romania brings family and friends together. It is a white Christmas with snow. The most beautiful thing about Christmas in Romania is that we keep the tradition of carols on Chrsitmas Eve. People in my village go from one house to another singing until the morning of the 25th. Then they go to church and after church they go to visit each other and have food, drink and a very good time.

In the evening of the 25th and the 26th we have folk music and dance in the village hall, where they served gorgeous mulled wine. This is organised by the men and children who do the carol singing.

The children wait for Father Christmas to bring their tree on Christmas Eve. They go to bed and leave their shoes at the door for Father Christmas to put the presents in. In the morning they check their shoes and the Christmas tree. If they have any presents in their shoes this means they’ve been good all year.

I think Christmas in Romania is the most beautiful season of the year!

Maria Woodcock

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