Daniel’s Christmas

Daniel’s Christmas
Nan McNeill

On Christmas Eve our parents let us open one present. My little sister always opens the biggest present she can. I open the smallest one. My mom and dad always save their presents from Sam and me.

My mom let’s us pick out a Christmas ornament to hang on the tree every year. Last Christmas I picked a “101 Dalmations” ornament. Every Christmas we pick one song to sing. I like the song “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” We watch Christmas movies until bed time and then the next morning, before looking in the living room, we wake up my mom and dad. Then we run into the living room and sit down in a circle and get one present at a time and go from youngest to oldest. We spend all morning playing with what we get.


We take all the ornaments off the tree, pack them away and then take the tree into the woods. Then it is time to go to our grandma’s and open our presents there. Then we do the same thing with her tree.

Now it is time to eat a big dinner and we have lots of fun playing with our toys. We also do some things at our dad’s house and play there too.

Sometimes instead of presents our dad gives us money. Last year he gave us each a $100 bill. Then he took us to Toy-R-Us and we got what we wanted. Then the fun began all over again.

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