Use Feng Shui to Make Christmas Lunch Truly Special

Use Feng Shui to Make Christmas Lunch Truly Special


by Sarah Shurety

Christmas lunch is one of the most special times of the year, whether it is an intimate lunch for two or a huge family gathering. You have put all that energy into planning the food, spending hours in the supermarket, unloading all the goodies at home and storing away, then, on the day cooking a Christmas lunch to be the crowning glory of Christmas Day. To make this lunch really special, and create an environment where your family, friends and loved ones can sit and really savour your efforts follow Sarah Shurety’s Feng Shui recommendations:

  • A round table is the best shape if you are planning a supper for a group of people. It means everyone is equal and able to participate with no one person dominating. There will be lots of movement so conversation will flow really smoothly and create an atmosphere is peace and happiness.
  • If you have a rectangular table don’t put husband and wife at the top and tail. This is a position of conflict and can lead to tension – it’s as if they are both firmly on opposite sides. One partner could sit at the top of the table and the other on the long side, or two places away.
  • It is better to use a fabric tablecloth because it is warm and soft and subtly helps people to relax. Keep the fabric fairly plain and choose a red or pink color which will open the heart and bring warmth to the table. Try to avoid strongly contrasting stripes, checks or jarring abstract designs.
  • It is very important to choose comfortable chairs. Wrought iron chairs may look beautiful but they are not very practical and need plenty of cushions. You may have to gather an assortment of chairs for larger than usual numbers of people. If seating people of all ages make sure that the children have the less comfortable chairs and that the adults get the most comfortable ones!
  • Do light candles. They have a very gathering influence. Whenever you light a candle it will become a focal point and draw everyone a little closer. Make sure that they are quite short so that they do not create divisions between diners.
  • The table decoration needs to be the brightest thing in the room to create a focal point and prevent conversation splintering off. Place a round display mirror in the centre and place two or more short candles on top. Arrange crystal animals round the candle as if they were warming their hands at the candles. Encircle with a ‘daisy chain’ of little pink or yellow flowers, flowers open the heart. Pink represents love and yellow represents lively conversation. Ivy would be lovely in your arrangement but avoid holly on the table as people will subconsciously ‘flinch’ from the prickles. Vary the centrepiece daily to help prevent stagnation.
  • Pictures are important. In the Dining room it is best to have pictures of a happy party of people dining and laughing and having fun, perhaps at a picnic, someone’s home or a restaurant.
  • Do not position any handles, knives, jug handles, serving dishes, etc., so that they are pointing directly at your guests or they will subtly create tension.
  • Don’t use cracked crockery or glasses. Throw these items out straight away. The Chinese say that if you offer your guests food or drink from a cracked or chipped vessel that you are wishing the same fate on that person!
  • Make sure your choice of music is lively and happy, Christmas has many wonderful carols and songs so do play them but make sure that the volume is not so loud that people cannot talk.

Eating together is one of the three secrets of happy relationships – so happy eating!

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Sarah Shurety is Britain’s leading Feng Shui consultant. Sarah has written for the Daily Mail for the past five years and is the author of the best sellers ‘Feng Shui for your Home’ and ‘Quick Feng Shui Cures. Her first book was serialised by the Saturday Telegraph, the second by the Daily Mail. She has appeared on many television channels, numerous radio broadcasts and also in national and international newspapers. Her clients include Jilly Cooper, Reuters, Mars Confectionery, Lloyds Bank, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Gloria Hunniford, Anton Mosiman, Anthony Worral Thompson to name but a few.

Use Feng Shui to get the very best Christmas cheer and make celebrations and gatherings go with a real swing. Avoid the stress and have a wonderful Christmas by following Sarah Shurety’s recommendations.

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