Eastern Washington Christmas!

Eastern Washington Christmas!

I live in a small town in Washington State. I feel like we have a pretty unique Christmas tradition and thought I would share! On Christmas Eve (this is the unique part, I think) my parents have a huge party where everyone they know is invited; friends, family, family-in-laws, neighbors, pastors, etc. etc. My mother makes homemade clam chowder and we have fresh cracked crab, not to mention a large assorment of appetizers and of course – champagne! As the guests arrive, if they have children, they bring a small wrapped present and put it in a secret hiding place in the bedroom. Later in the evening Santa comes (someone my family or a friend has hired) and passes out presents, talks with the children, and takes a LOT of pictures. We eat some more, usually a yummy desert and then go to a midnight candlelight service. As a child we would return home and were allowed to open one present that night. Santa comes at night and fills our stockings with candy and little gifts and leaves a larger present under the tree -unwrapped! In the morning we open all our gifts and have a breakfast cassarole to eat. We, like everyone else, play with our gifts and take a nap.

Now that I’m grown with my own family, Christmas morning is a bit different — trying to get to everyone’s house and exchange presents with my family, and my in-laws, which are split into two halves! I love the holidays, but aren’t they a lot of work trying to get in both my husband’s and my own traditions? His are only slightly different but when you’ve grown up thinking this is the way Christmas is, it is the slight differences that make the holiday what it is!!!!!

Merry Christmas!

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