Fortune telling

Fortune telling

Fortune telling or ‘gadanie’ is very popular among young girls who are very curious to know their future. Christmas time, or the night from the 6th of January on the 7th of January to be exact, is the perfect time to tell fortunes since it’s not considered to be a sin.

So girls stay up all night long indulging themselves in telling fortunes. The most popular activities on that night are attracting a young man with the help of magical words, predicting if a girl is going to get married this year, looking at the image of a promised husband or ‘suzhenyi’in the mirror or on the surface of the water.

The inalienable attributes of fortune telling are candles, coffee, old shoe, mirror, playing cards, pictures. The necessary conditions are darkness (only candle light is fine) and silence. The light and loud noise will scare the ghosts and spirits.

There is hardly a girl who never tried to find out what is coming in the future. The girls are scared sometimes to stay alone in the room, so there are usually a few young ladies who get together in one place.

Here is one of the examples of fortune telling:

a girl who wants to see her promised husband takes a place in front of a large mirror and takes another smaller mirror in her hands. The reflexion of the smaller mirror should be directed to the larger mirror so as to form a kind of corridor. You open the gates to the beyond or the other world where promised one should appear from.

There are lots of ways to predict future. Some people believe that it is just a mere superstition and old wives’ tales but sometimes it works! One should only believe and this condition is certainly more important than availability of old shoe or mirrors of various sizes:)

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