Gift of Love

Gift of Love

I hope whomever reads this feels as blessed as I do.

Five and a half years ago I visited Brazil, in the city of Vitoria. We were there to adopt a beautiful little girl we named Mikayla. She was four weeks old and full of life. I felt so blessed and loved by the people in Brazil. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of those people who cared and helped me through the adoption process. It took three months to get everything finalized. I was there for many holidays and everyone seemed to enjoy them with all their families. The families in Brazil seem so connected and always there for each other.

Every year at Christmas time, I tell my daughter the story of her adoption and her homeland, and every year I feel more and more blessed by the gift of love that I received from such a wonderful country.

Someday I hope that we can afford to bring our family to Brazil again (especially now that Mikayla has a new sister whom we adopted also) so that Mikayla can know and remember the beautiful sights that I have seen, and the wonderful people. So if any one reads this and can tell a friend how much I love Brazil I would appreciate it, or, if you know anyone in Vitoria from the family of the Gueddes, or just want to say hi, email me at [email protected] anytime and I will be glad to hear from someone.

Have a wonderful Christmas, because I know we will.

Penny Marcum

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