Happi’s Christmas Books

We had aked Christmas.com members to share Christmas traditions with us and Happi Olson of Creative Kidstuff of Minetonka Minesota described the following tradition to us.


You see, each year Happi buys a new children’s book. On Christmas Eve, the family reads the book together and re-reads past Christmas favorites from previous years. After Christmas Day, Happi writes the season’s highlights in the book’s cover so the family can relive past Christmas memories every year. She currently has a collection of 16 books, that she started with her first child 16 years ago.


We asked Happi to share with us her favorite books, and we helped her build a collection of these favorite stories into her own Christmas list.


Click Here for Happi’s Christmas Book List 


Christmas Books

Happi’s Christmas Book List includes:


1. Just Right For Christmas: An adorable story about a King who makes the perfect Christmas gift for his daughter. The left-over cloth from the gift is then used by many other inhabitants to make presents, all the way down to a tiny scarf just right for a mouse.


2. The Christmas Quiet Book: On Christmas Eve, when the kids are anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival, this book is the perfect way to ease them into a sweet slumber. A book about the wonderfully quiet noises that make this holiday so special. http://www.creativekidstuff.com/the-christmas-quiet-book.html


3. The Birds of Bethlehem: The perfect story to introduce the tale of Christmas to young children. Told from a bird’s view, this book tells the story of the Nativity and the first Christmas.


4. You Are My Miracle: As parents, our children are our world. This book will warm hearts and will remind you just how important family is during the holiday season.


5. How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas?: An engaging book that will keep your kiddos giggling. A tale of children dinosaurs, who, much like our own children, try to handle the excitement of this magical holiday with innocent mischief.


6. Christmas Parade: This is a fantastic Christmas picture book for toddlers and young children. An entire 46 pages filled with incredible images of animal musicians taking part in a lively marching band.


7. Christmas Carols Board Book (Bennet and Hammonds): Introduce your toddler to the most Classic of Christmas songs. An engaging book filled with illustrations for Silent Night, Away in a Manger, and many more.


8. A Christmas Carol Board Book (Adams and Oliver): The classic literature of Charles Dickens is brought to life for your tinniest of tots. Illustrations will guide your little one along as he or she learns about Charles Dickens’ transformation from Bah Humbug to Happy Christmas.


9. Where’s Waldo Christmas Spectacular: Now, our children can interact and create a Waldo-world completely decked out for Christmas. Sit by and watch your children marvel in this festive activity book. It’s only a matter of time before you join in.


10. Flicka Ricka Dicka and Their New Skates: This nostalgic book will fill children with excitement as the girls must save their friend Bertie after an ice-skating disaster.


11. Twelve Days of Christmas: Part game, part book. It is wonderful to share this classic Christmas song thru pages of illustrations. Sing the words with your children and watch as the book brings this holiday melody to life.


12. Merry Christmas Maisy: The tabs and flaps make this a fun way to keep your little one’s attention. Page after page, you and your youngster will learn about the many holiday surprises that Maisy encounters.


Editors Note: If you want to build your own list of suggested gifts for your business, go ahead. Build a list and send us a note and we may feature it here on our blog.



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