Happy Birthday Jesus:)

Happy Birthday Jesus:)
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Greetings to One and All I came in peace seriously (heh)

My name is Joe., and I would like to share my Christmas experience with you

(Too late to turn back- NOW READ!)

Well, just like any other Christmas that I celebrate in my country,

Malaysia, I’ve always wanted snow falling to the ground., and

to enjoy the warmness beside the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa or Milo

(ehehe) Somehow, I guess that will never happen.

I was involved in my church Christmas play, and I was the director. It was

really hectic, and I was frustrated, even blaming everyone for electing me

to take up this position. What? Directing a bunch of teenagers that hardly

listens and putting less effort in the play? I heard you ask. Sadly yes.

I asked God, why am I stucked in this position. There was no answer. Oh yes,

definitely there are people in my church that have helped me but I guess

that wasn’t enough. Frankly I wanted more than that, but it never came. The

fellowship, support and encouragement, it just wasn’t there.

But on the other hand, I began to look at another perspective, how God has

blessed me by making me, all the actors and actresses closer to each other.

When Christmas Eve approached, Mark Lai[my very good friend] and I had to go to

one of my friend’s place to get some props done, and later that night, we

had our supper together. We really had a wonderful time, filled with

laughter & sharing. We truly enjoyed it.

When I come back from the hearty supper, it was quiet and my family members

were already fast asleep. I went to my room, sat down, and quietly wished

Jesus a Happy Birthday. For I know, Jesus, the one that I believed for the

past 9 years was born right here on earth to die for all of us. I really

love Him and I am thankful for what He had done for me and all the people on

earth. No matter how commercial Christmas has become, what really matters is

how we celebrate it in our hearts, and when we share it sincerely, God will

do His part in sharing the true meaning of Christmas to us. May God bless

you and may your Christmas be as meaningful this year and every other


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