Humorous Christmas!

Humorous Christmas!

Let’s talk about traditions first. Some traditions are good, some sad, and then some are funny when looked back upon. Like my husband and I; this is our fourth Christmas together, and one tradition that we’ve established is that we get a new kitten every year about this time. Of course, that’s because the cat we had the year before, usually around September, has already died from some rare lung disease, or something that maybe only one in a million cats could get. Well, our cat got it. But since we’re feeling lucky, each year we get another cute little kitten; hopefully, this one lives.

Last year we got wiser. We got us a kitten that came from a friend who has lots of cats, and I mean big, fat cats. I figured that the new kitten spending its first few months there would have gotten a good start. It did, she is a Big Fat Cat. And she’s moving into her second Christmas healthy as a ‘horse’. She’s almost as big as one too!

Now, onto another area of Christmas tradition: DECORATIONS! My husband loves Christmas — the decorations, the lights, the tinsel, the garlands. Usually, I’ve let him be in charge of this area. You see, I don’t mind him watching Christmas shows in July, but I do put my foot down when he wants to put Frosty and Santa out before Halloween. I don’t mind the fact that you can see our home for miles; but I AM glad that the electric company has me on an installment plan. And I don’t mind that we purchase hundreds of dollars of decorations each year, but I do mind the fact that we’re running out of room to store them ‘after’ Christmas. People ask us why we have to have such a big home, and I tell them: “Christmas!”

Next on the agenda is SHOPPING! Personally, I love to shop! I shop, all year long just for Christmas. That’s what I tell my husband anyway. Little does he know, the majority of the ‘gifts’ are really for me. There are all kinds of SALES that evolve around Christmas: before, during, and after, and I don’t miss one. The joy of Christmas can be really be experienced when you’re fighting for that parking space, when someone right before you snatches up the last sweater that’s in your size, the overwhelming crowds in the malls, bell-ringers everywhere you go, mothers forcing their bewildered children to sit on some stranger’s lap who’s dressed like Santa, all in the hopes of getting some kind of ‘Christmas-Keeper’, and the merry list goes on and on.

We always make sure we attend the family dinner. This is a time to get caught up, share a meal, have a few laughs, exchange gifts, and talk about all the family members who weren’t there. Hope “YOUR” Christmas is Merry!

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