Christmas is of course, is one of the grandest of Danish Holiday. December 1st, Christmas officially starts, with children opening calendar days.

Christmas, at my house really starts building up steam on December 24. Akvavit, Tuborg, sild (herrings), leverpostej and cheese are laid out in

abundant amounts. Of course there are many more Danish foods you should have during Christmas, but there are to many to mention here.

I like to start making Rodkal during that week too. Lots of baking smells fill the air.

After eating and drinking plenty of everything on Christmas (24th), my spouse and I exchange gifts in the light of lots of candles, at about midnight.

Then we drink abit more and then go outside in the cold and look up at the sky and look about.

Don’t forget to put out rice pudding!! The pixies

will GET YOU if you don’t!

This routine happens everyday until the day after New Years Day (Except, possibly the gift giving part.)

Don’t forget to put lots of Danish Flags EVERYWHERE!

Glaedelig Jul !!!

Jay Jensen

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