Kaneen’s peanutbutter chips

Kaneen’s peanutbutter chips

Posted By: Maestas

2tbs.of creamy peanutbutter. 2tbs. of butter or margerine. 1 1\2 cups of milk. 2tbs. of white sugar. tin foil or wax paper. bottle of hersheys chocolate(not required)


1.Mix the 2tbs.of sugar, 2tbs. of peanut butter, the 2tbs. of butter, and the 1 1\2 cups of milk together in a dish. 2.Mix them until it becomes a thick liquid.(there should be no lumps, you can heat it a bit if you would like the butter to melt) 3.Lay a piece of wax paper or tin foil along a pan. The pan must be big enough to put 20 teaspoons of the thick liquid on it. 4.Using a teaspoon put little globbs of the thick liquid on the pan. Be sure to space them out, they will spred. there should be about 20 little globbs. 5.Now that you have them all on the sheet you must put them in the freezer. They should stay in the freezer for about an hour or until they harden. 6.If you would like once the chips harden then you can dip them in the hersheys chocolate. (you would need to heat the chocolate before dipping) Then you can put the chips back into the freezer to let the chocolate harden. 7. Once the chips are completely hard, then you can sit back and enjoy;)

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