Lingerie Shopping Guide For Husbands

Lingerie Shopping Guide For Husbands

For all you husbands out there, we know you need some holiday cheer this Christmas season. Now although its not typically the kind of “cheer” you would spread, every husband should have at least a guideline to stick to when it comes to shopping for lingerie, especially for your wife’s sake!



Even though a husband has an idea of what he would like to see his wife in, she is the one that decides whether or not she will actually wear it.



Firstly to all of you husbands out there; don’t go and buy anything that looks like a form of food (ex. Ginger bread cookie, candy cane etc.) because that’s just awkward and no wife wants to be looking like food at any point. Also, don’t buy anything that looks really small and constricting. A woman likes to show off her curves and if they are confined she won’t enjoy it.



If you’ve already bought something that looks way to small, please for your own sake go and return it or she’ll be returning you pretty soon. Instead, go and buy something slightly revealing, form fitting and seductive. There’s nothing that makes a woman more confident that showing you her true self.



Avoid bright colored lingerie and stick to blacks and reds, no one wants to be blinded by bright colors. As well, don’t buy lingerie with fur on it. That’s just weird.



Stick to simple and stylish this Christmas. Your wife will love it and you’ll be doing more than just kissing under the mistletoe.

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  1. A wife 55 says:

    Now, this isn’t an insult but very rarely husbands
    Are good at picking out gifts. Now if you are good at picking out gifts,
    Get her nice piece of jewelry of that new handbag she’s raving about.
    But if your not that best gift-giver husband, just get her a gift card to her favorite store.