Marmora, N.J. 4th grade

Marmora, N.J. 4th grade
H. Clark

We like to eat stuffing, mashed potatoes, and

macaroni. The main parts of the meal are turkey, and

ham. For dessert we like to eat cheesecake and

brownies. We get to have no school and we always put

up a tree. We hope it snows so we can have snowball

fights. We hang up our stockings and eat a big

dinner. We always leave cookies and milk for Santa

Claus. We wrap and open presents, too. Sometimes

people build a snowman and have a snowball fight. You

can’t wait to go inside to warm up. You try to open

your presents. You wake up your parents. Sometimes

you can watch football. We usually put up Christmas

trees for Christmas. We hang ornaments on our tree

too, like Christmas balls, angels, and bells. We use

something called a Nativity set.

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