Matt’s Christmas

Matt’s Christmas
Nan McNeill

First thing after school is out I take a 3 hour drive to my dad’s house and then another 45 minutes to my grandma’s. I eat dinner and open presents. After that I take another 45 minute drive back to dad’s house. Then my dad takes an hour nap. My brother, sister and I watch TV. Then we go to my grandpa’s house. When I get there I give everybody a hug. They tell us how much we have grown. Then we eat this stuff that my step-grandma makes and we don’t like, but I don’t know what it is. Then we open presents. All the boys always get the same thing every year. We never say anything. The girls just love getting the same thing every year, but we guy don’t. After that we clean up all the wrapping paper. Then the adults go into the kitchen and talk. My step-grandma fusses at me for asking dad a question. We stay so late we spend the night. The next day we get up and take a three hour drive to my mom’s house. Then dad goes home and we don’t see him for two weeks.

That night my mom, brother and sister, and I go to my grandma’s house. When I see my aunt and uncle, my three cousins, my great grandpa and my grandma and gramdpa I know I am home. I get all the things I want and I want all the things I get. Then we eat and take pictures. After that we go home and stay up late and fall asleep about midnight. When we wake up it’s Christmas day. Some years we have a white Christmas ans some years we don’t. This is how my family celebrates Christmas.

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