Memories of Christmas in Jordan

Memories of Christmas in Jordan

On Christmas Eve, my mom used to prepare all of our brand new clothes from the little under garments, to the shoes, to the new outer wear.. everything had to be new. She would spread the new clothes for each one of us (eight children) on the living room couches, where the Christmas tree is. On Christmas Eve we used to go to sleep early so Christmas Day would come faster.

On the morning of Christmas, there were greetings from each of us to each of us to have a happy Christmas, then came breakfast. After that came the excitement of carefully putting on the new clothes that my mom had picked for us. We put the new clothes on and we went around the house showing off. We then would go to church for the Christmas Mass. After Mass we used to go over grandma’s house to wish her a happy Christmas. We then would go to visit the homes of each of my uncles and aunts and wish them a happy Christmas. Then we would come home to eat lunch. Our relatives would come over to wish us a merry Christmas, too. People would be coming over to vist and we would be going over to other people’s houses all day and all week, until New Year’s Eve.

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