Mexican Christmas

Mexican Christmas
Joaquim Gabriel Andrade

My family and I celebrate Christmas the Mexican way because we are all from Mexico. We begin to celebrate on the 24th because that is Christmas Eve. We start opening presents at midnight or the 25th in the morning.

We always have a party every Sunday before Christmas. It is called a “posada.” It’s a party where you celebrate the arrival of Mary & Joseph in Bethlehem. You have a ”piñata” which has candy & prizes in it. We also celebrate with fireworks.

On the 24th we celebrate Christmas Eve with the whole family gathered together: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We have turkey with cranberry-chili sauce, mashed potatoes, buttered veggies, turkey soup, and cod with chili gravy. Afterwards we have punch with marshmallows. At twelve we open our presents and after that we all go to our own houses.

On Christmas morning my brothers wake me up to open our Santa’s presents. Then I always go to my other grandparent’s homes to spend Christmas. We eat a good meal. We break another piñata & then we exchange presents and see each other in one year.

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