My christmas

My christmas

My christmas

I`m a 13 year old girl, who lives in a tiny village,

with ca. 250 people in western Norway. I read what stood about christmas in norway on your pages, and it didn`t really go with the way I celebrate it..

anyway, here`s how I and my family celebrate christmas;

we start the christmas preperations by the first sunday in “advent”. That day we make the small, white cookies, called “kvite kakemenn”. We make ca. 150. We also set up our countdown calendars, a big that the kids share. It covers a wall, and is made of filt, and gots loads of rooms marked from 1 to 24. This day, we also set up our christmas table, where we make cards and presents.

By the second sunday in “advent” we make the brown, small cookies. These ones are much more popular, known as “Pepperkaker”.

At the 12. of desember we make “lussekatter”, small safran breads. In the morning of the 13th kids walk around with candles, and gives cookies to everyone, while they sing the lucia-song. It has 3 verses and gets repeate and repeate. This is the feast of Santa Lucia, a italian saint, who was one of the first who got killed for being christian.

In the following days we make all kinds of christmas cookies and bread, and stay inside. By this time in Norway it is dark almost all day around.

Pupils gets holiday ca. 3 days before christmas eve. On all high schools over the entire country, they have a huge christmas ball.

On the 23rd of december called “lille julafta” (little christmas eve) we make all the candies. Marisipan, caramells, everything is homemade.

On the morning of christmas eve, we decorate our christmas tree. It is placed in the middle of the living room. We decorate it with norwegian flags, bools, birds, gnooms and alot of things that the kids have made. Then, at 12 oclock we watch Cinderella at television. Everybody I know do this… :)

At 13.00 we eat riceporridge for lunch.

This day is terrible long..

At ca. 1800 – 1900, we eat the big christmas dinner. In my part of the country we eat “pinnekjøtt”, and drink read soda (the kids) and juleøl (the grown-ups) I don`t have anything to compare this with in English..

Then, finally, we walk around the christmas tree, singing christmas songs. After that we start opening the gifts. This takes terrible long. Often 3 hours. One person walks around the tree, picking a gift and reads the label. Then he gives it to the person it belongs to, and everybody looks when the person opens it.

If you want me to write about the “romjula”, the week between christmas and new years eve (this week has terrible lots of traditions..) just tell me :)


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