My Christmas

My Christmas


Christmas for our family is a very special time of the year. Not only is it a time of giving of presents and being with family, it is also about remembering that special night when our Savior was born.

Now I know most of you out there don’t want to read a novel about how my family celebrates Christmas, so I will try to make it short.

It starts the weekend after Thanksgiving. The immediate family gets together to put up the Christmas tree. Usually for us, it means going up to the attic and pulling down that fake plastic tree that never stands up straight and dusting off our boxes of old, priceless ornaments. But on some occasions, we buy a real pine tree. Once we decorate it we put up Christmas decorations throughout the house. We hang wreaths on our doors, hang lights on the outside of the house, set up a nativity scene in our front yard, hang stockings over the fireplace and set out our Christmas village under the tree.

When Christmas Eve arrives we all dress up and we go to church for a religious ceremony that normally lasts ’till midnight.

The next day, most of us wake up early to see what Santa Claus ( A fat, jolly, old man dressed in a red coat and pants with a long white beard and rosy cheeks who comes down from the North Pole on a flying reindeer-drawn sleigh and brings all the good boys and girls many presents, but the bad children get coal in their stockings. If they’re good they get candy in them instead.) has brought us. After we have unwrapped our gifts, we get ready to go to our relative’s house for a great big feast of turkey, ham, chicken and many vegetables and fruits. Then we open more presents that are given to us by our relatives.

After we are back home we “explore” our new gifts until bedtime. Then on New Years Eve we take down our decorations until we meet Christmas again next year.

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