My Family Christmas in Northern Ireland

My Family Christmas in Northern Ireland

The Christmas season starts at the end of October and all of the shops will have decorations up and are selling christmas cards and gifts.

Me and my family start getting excited around the middle of November and we put our Christmas Tree up on the first Saturday or sunday of December and spend the rest of the day decorating it.

We also decorate the walls and the banister.

When we get off school for the christmas holidays we

all get even more excited.Then on Christmas Eve we tidy up the living room and watch some Christmas films.It is really hard to sleep as I get so excited.Me and my brother and sisters wake up at around 7.00am and we get our parents out of bed and down stairs to the living room.The presents aren’t wrapped but are spaced out around the room and before we turn on the lights we can see the shadows of the presents.We spend the morning opening the presents and then at around 1.00pm some of our family come up and we have our christmas dinner.

We then take our presents up to our rooms.

The next day is boxing day and we all go to my aunts house where we get more presents!

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