My Family Tradition

My Family Tradition

I really love Christmas at my house. My mom always makes tons of goodies to eat. We always get a real tree and we make our own decorations. It always looks so neat. We string cranberries and popcorn to wrap around the tree. (After we take down the tree we put the cranberries and popcorn outside on trees for the birds to eat.)

We use all sorts of little objects for ornaments. We have some old traditional ball ornaments that we put up every year. (My great-great-grandmother painted them when she was a little girl and lived in Germany. They look very different from what you see today in the USA.) Then there is this really pretty top that we put on the top of our tree that my mother and I found about three years ago. It’s gold and has a picture of Bethleham and the star over the town on it.

We just started putting lights on the outside of our house this year. (My family always goes out one night before Christmas to look at everyone’s houses all strung up with lights.) We always put a wreath on our front door and a reindeer on our porch that a man made for us one year out of wood and sticks.

Every Christmas Eve, my parents get the kids to open the presents that they bought for them. My mom makes pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie Christmas Eve day then that night we eat those and drink egg nog after we open our presents. The next morning the kids open the presents that Santa Claus brings them. Then all our family shows up or we all go over to my aunt’s house to chat and eat a huge Christmas dinner.

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