My Memories Of CHRISTMAS

My Memories Of CHRISTMAS

As a child, our family, Italian by descent, had many wonderful eventful days dedicated to this holiday.

My brother Tony and I always had an advent calander, and were sure to unveil each day as it passed to see what surprise was under the date we’d expose. It was such a surprise to get a small chocolate treat or to view a picture of something to do with the Christmas holiday.

We lived in a row house that had two living rooms.

My mother being so excited when the holiday would come, would decorate evry room in the house, even the bathroom!!!

Because we had two living rooms, we also had two Christmas trees. The one downstairs was always a fresh tree and filled the air with the smell of pine, a beautiful memory for me. My father worked for the American Can Company, and would make our tinsel out of strips of tin at work and twist them to form a beautiful icicle.

We had family and friends visit the entire month of December to share dinner and good times. As the holiday grew closer, my brother and I would sneak into each other’s rooms and discuss what Santa would be bringing us. This is what I remember the most, the two of us in our new pajamas sharing our excitment and expectations.

Then on Christmas morning, we would awake my parents and see what Santa had left for us. After a big breakfast my mother would dress us up in our new clothes and we would go to visit my father’s mother and father and go to church with them.

After church we would return to my grandparent’s house for homemade ravioli and meatballs, and lots and lots of Italian cookies.

We would then return home for our traditional American turkey or ham dinner.

My memories keep me as a child at Christmas time and I am happy for having a family such as mine.

I have started a tradition with my children, who have children of their own. I always bake a birthday cake for Jesus, as this is what the holiday is truly about.

Dona DiRocco-Smith, Baltimore Maryland

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