MY Polish Christmas – a special one!

MY Polish Christmas – a special one!

… I would like to share my Polish experiences, because even though I have lived abroad for 21 years I observed Polish traditions, the Catholic faith, and taught both my children, who were born in Italy, my mother language, Polish, that they speak very well actually. We Polish have a lot of dishes typical for Christmas. In Poland – borsch, carp and noodles with poppy are typical. Other dishes depend on the region. In Krakow we have also vegetarian dumplings (see recipe on ) or dumplings with mushrooms and cabbage, and kutia (this is probably Ukrainian name) boiled wheat with honey, poppy, nuts and raisins. And a must: Makowiec as dessert ! ( the poppy seed bread qhich recipe is on … it is from my mom!)

It is Polish tradition to share Christmas wafers at the Christmas Eve supper, a very special ceremony that introduced the evening meal. Because we start to eat “when the first star appears”: a very special moment! —– The history of the “Oplatek” was explained by our friend, father Stanislaw, a native Pole living actually in Milan and doing his second specialization there. Well, the Polish patriots condemned after the heroic revolutions in 1830 and 1863 and suffering during their imprisonment in the Siberian part of the Russian Empire – used to press thin layers of the bread rests (suffering hunger anyway they economized even the very small quantity of bread) and they sent it to their families in Poland, saying best wishes for Xmas. And tonight myself and my two kids say MERRY CHRISTMAS, Peace of Christ to you all!!!! God bless:

Maria Emma, Polish living in Milan Italy

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