My Traditional Christmas Eve

My Traditional Christmas Eve

My Traditional Christmas Eve

In my house, Christmas is a very joyous occasion. Christmas for us usually starts a short time after Thanksgiving, when we start putting up decorations. From December first till Christmas, we almost always do something Christmas related every day. Whether it be touring local decorations, watching a Christmas movie, or putting up the Christmas tree, it’s always fun!

Christmas Eve is very special in my house. We usually buy lots of delicious snacks and put them all out in the living room. We then pick out a good Christmas movie and watch it while snacking. It’s always lots of fun, and at the end of the movie, the anticipation for Christmas really builds up!

Not long after the movie, my three sisters and I all go to bed. Of course, we usually have trouble getting to sleep as we joyously anticipate the next day…

We usually all get up early for Christmas, around 7:00AM. We all look through our stocking and find the presents “Santa Claus” gave us, and then we have a small breakfast, usually consisting of cinnamon buns or muffins.

After that, we all open our presents. The youngest opens a present, followed by the second youngest, and so on, until everyone’s opened one present. We then start all over again until all the presents are unwrapped.

Later that day, we go to my Grandma’s house, where most of my family is. We then open more presents from each other. The occasion is always filled with laughs as we joke around happily.

After that, we’re all usually exhausted, so we relax, going over our presents and such. Later that night, we have a delicious Christmas dinner, with ham, potatoes, and rolls.

That’s a traditional Christmas in my house, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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