My Traditional Family Christmas.

My Traditional Family Christmas.

My Traditional Family Christmas.

I usually start thinking about Christmas at late October time. All my family and friends think I’m strange because I think about it so early but say that they would be worried if I didn’t!

My family puts up our tree in the middle of December, about a week after my mums birthday,(the 7th of December). We put up our decorations at the same time. We start our Christmas shopping in late November usually, unless we see the odd things before.

On Christmas Eve, Mum starts preparing the dinner for tomorrow and we wrap up the last of our gifts to put under the tree. My Gran will come & help us prepare for tomorrow which is helpful because it is very hectic! In the evening my sister goes out with her friends which leaves me & my mum and dad in the house. I help with the last minute jobs and go to sleep at about 11~12. I’ll wake up at about 6.30 but I’m not allowed to wake up the rest of my family till 7.30 a.m. I’ll go to down stairs and am allowed to open one present before everyone else comes down. Then we all open our presents together.

My Gran comes again at about 9.00 a.m. and then my brothers and their girlfriends come and the women all help mum make dinner (a bit sexist I know but, hey, its tradition!). We then sit down for the traditional dinner at 12.00. After that we sit down & look at our gifts & watch TV for the rest of the day!

Thats the traditional Christmas for me and lots of other English families.

By Jemma (age 13)

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