Oprah’s Angel Network

Oprah’s Angel Network was created to inspire people to use their lives… and to reap the truest rewards that come from giving to others.

With the efforts and donations of our viewers, Oprah’s Angel Network’s first two initiatives gave homes to over 1000 people, and sent 150 deserving students to college… and a brighter future.

Together with Habitat for Humanity, Oprah’s Angel Network to built nearly 200 new homes across the country for families in need.

When Oprah asked viewers to “save their spare change,” and send it to Oprah’s Angel Network, that “small change” made a BIG difference. Oprah’s Angel Network collected over $3.5 million to fund college scholarships for students in need!

Encouraging viewers to look inside themselves, see what they have to offer, and “use that” to give back to the world, Oprah announced the weekly “Use Your Life Award” campaign.

On every Monday’s Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah’s Angel Network “Use Your Life Award” honors someone who is “using their life” to improve the lives of others.

One hundred percent of all money donated goes directly to the organizations and initiatives supported by Oprah’s Angel Network.

Thank you to Stacie Otey-Scott, a die-hard Oprah fan, for bringing Oprah’s Angel Network to our attention and reminding us how closely this cause mirrors our own life stories.

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