Other traditions and food

Other traditions and food

Other traditions and food

As I was reading, I noticed a few things missing of the traditions in Puerto Rico and what the different foods are.

In the town of Penuelas, the families of different streets get together and decorate the streets with one theme. They also have competitions for who has the best Christmas decorations. Christmas is a time where everybody comes together (as it is in a lot of countries) — music, food and presents are number one.

Not only do we celebrate the birth of Jesus and Three Wisemen’s Day (January 6th), but we have adopted Santa Claus into our traditions.

About the parrandas, the only person that knows that we are going over (to their home) is the last one, since it is the tradition that they make “el sopon” This is a rice chicken soup with vegetables. For dessert, we have Tembleque (coconut pudding), arroz con dulce (sweet rice with raisins) and “turron”. In addition to the other food mentioned before, we also have “guineos verdes” (green bananas) and we eat them with olive oil or some of the drippings from the roast pork.

Coquito is one of the most famous Christmas drinks. For those who like the hard alcohol, there is Pitorro, which is a homemade rum (not legal to sell in stores). It is very common in the Island.

Well that is all folks and Feliz Dia de Fiestas!

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