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Christmas Eve Wine from an Old Vine

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This submission was sent in by Lisa Genatossio of Middleboro, MA. In it, she describes singing Christmas Carols and drinking wine from a vine that her grandfather brought with him when he immigrated many years ago. What a wonderful tradition Lisa… Thanks for sharing. My Grandparents came to this country from Italy in 1919 with Uses Sentiment Analysis to Build Santa a High-Tech ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’ List

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THE NORTH POLE – 11-01-2012 –, the Official Site of Christmas™, released today a high-tech ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’ list along with a new website and gifting engine targeted to consumers who want to share Christmas with friends and family. The Santa-lyzer™ analyzes public comments, Twitter updates, and Facebook posts using a technology called sentiment

Advent – A family tradition worth waiting for

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When asked to submit a tradition about something important to her family, Barbara Kilikevich of California shared with us the Celebration of Advent, in which she describes Advent as, “the coming or arrival or something long-awaited or momentous.” In her own words… My family tradition (even now that my kids are grown) is the celebration

Wake up on Christmas Morning to Manheim Steamroller

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Ah music and the holidays. At, we believe music is for sharing and as we’ve said on more than one occasion, the right Christmas Music can get you into that Christmas Spirit just about faster than anything else. When asked to share her Christmas traditions, Carole Holden of Gainseville Florida, described the following window-rattling

Create a Lasting Memory This Christmas

Family Christmas Traditions, United States

“Why give a gift when you can create a memory? This is a question that many are asking as the Christmas season approaches. When asked to share one of her family’s traditions,  Cheryl Lynn Pope of Second Time Media in Detroit Michigan, described exactly this when she shared, We actually have created 2 Christmas traditions.

Christmas Tamales

Family Christmas Traditions, Mexico, United States

According to Darlene Tenes, a professional event planner and the founder of CasaQ, for most Mexican and Latino homes…”Christmas isn’t Christmas without making and eating tamales.” Darlene should know this, after all, her San Jose based  CasaQ is renown for planning festive and creative Hispanic events, which incorporate the traditions and customs of Spain, Mexico

A Christmas Eve Feast Leads to Great Traditions

Family Christmas Traditions, United States

It is always interesting to me when we receive contributions from readers who describe traditions that have lasted many generations. As Allison Hart describes below, for many generations they have celebrated Christmas morning with a feast of homemade pancakes and sausage patties. What strikes me about her story, however, is the role that food has

A Christmas Eve Pajama Party for 20!

Family Christmas Traditions, United States

Kaitlin King of Michigan writes: Every year on Christmas Eve my family (approximately 10-20 of us) have a big dinner together based on a theme. One year it was beef tenderloin and more traditional fare, another it was make you own pizzas with different sauces and traditional as well as non-traditional toppings like seafood. This

Northern California Christmas Traditions from Lisa Fulmer

Family Christmas Traditions, United States

The very ‘crafty’ Lisa Fulmer of Northern California shared some of her family traditions with us: One of the traditions my family has – that I never realized was different from anyone else until I got married and spent xmas with my in-laws – is to open gifts one at a time, rotating in turn,

Sew your own Christmas Presents with Handmade Christmas Gifts

Family Christmas Traditions, United States

Here is an interesting idea submitted by a reader about bringing a personal touch into every Christmas present you give. While I’m not a great sewer myself, I used to get hand-sewn gifts from my mother under the tree every year. There is something special about having a present with a custom tag that reads,

A Christmas Tree Ornament Every Year

Family Christmas Traditions, United States

My Christmas family tradition started with my father when I was three years old and I continue following his tradition.  Every Christmas my father would either make or purchase a tree ornament and write my name and the year on it.  He would then hang it on the tree.  My parents divorced when I was

Adventures of a Salvation Army Bell Ringer

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Adventures of a Salvation Army Bell Ringer By Theresa M. Danna, M.P.W. It was the Christmas season of 2001, just a few months after the September 11 terrorist attack. In April of the previous year, I had relocated myself and my then 22-month-old son, AJ, from Los Angeles to a small town in San Luis

Charity Navigator – Your Guide to Giving in this Giving Season

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Charity Navigator – Your Guide to Giving in this Giving Season Charity Navigator helps charitable givers make intelligent giving decisions by providing information on over 2,500 charities and by evaluating the financial health of each of these charities. Evaluations are easy to understand and are freely available to the public. By guiding intelligent giving, Charity

Hugs and Hope for Sick Children

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Hugs and Hope for Sick Children The HUGS and HOPE Club for Sick Kids is a nonprofit charity devoted to putting smiles on the faces of children who might otherwise have little to smile about. The Internet based group of 2,000+ volunteers sponsors several programs including the annual Holiday ELF PROJECT. The group is always

Oprah’s Angel Network

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Oprah’s Angel Network was created to inspire people to use their lives… and to reap the truest rewards that come from giving to others. With the efforts and donations of our viewers, Oprah’s Angel Network’s first two initiatives gave homes to over 1000 people, and sent 150 deserving students to college… and a brighter future.