All Things Christmas Virtual Advent Calendar

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Have you seen the Virtual Advent Calendar? If not, you can check it out by following that link just posted.   When we first started to re-create, we received a great Christmas Tradition submitted by a member of the community who described her family’s celebration of Advent as an integral part of

Christmas Shopping Horror Stories

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Every Christmas shopper has their own story or two about the heated moments in the checkout line up or fighting over the last remaining item. The stress of trying to find a suitable gift and the hard hits to one’s bank account can make the merry season seem less than joyful. As the days count down to Christmas day,

10 Christmas traditions for Newlyweds

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Being just married is a wonderful phase of life. Every part of life has a new and exciting side to it, as now life is shared and experienced between two people. Christmas is especially an exciting time for newlyweds; here are ten Christmas traditions to start with your loved one you can cherish together year


5 Christmas Cookie Recipes You Absolutely Must Try

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Christmas cookies are one of the best and most delicious parts of the season. Below are five recipes you absolutely must try:     1 – Remember decorating cookies with your mum when you were little? Now it’s your turn to make them! This is a tried and tested traditional sugar cookie recipe, just like

Christmas on a Budget: Decorating on a Dime

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Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year, so how can you save some extra money this year without scrimping on any of your favorite parts? Use these helpful hints and tricks to decorate without spending all of your hard earned dough!     1: Go to a nearby wood and collect

Is 2012 the First online Family Christmas?

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Maple Ridge, BC, Canada (2012-11-29) —, the Official Site of Christmas™, has released the much anticipated Christmas Family Pages where families can come together to share the Christmas season. Family Pages are free for families and allow for real-time sharing of photos, recipes, Christmas traditions, wish lists, and memories. Every family who creates an

Christmas Mulled Wine

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This recipe is courtesy of!   Ingredients • 2 oranges • peel of 1 lemon • peel of 1 lime • 250g caster sugar • 6 whole cloves • 1 cinnamon stick • 3 fresh bay leaves • 1 whole nutmeg • 1 whole vanilla pod, halved • 2 star anise • 2 bottles

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Top Five Christmas Gifts for Tweens 2012

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      Tweens, a strange age and almost impossible to shop for! Not yet a teenager but not a child, right in the middle and stereotypically unpredictable. So what do they want for Christmas? Listed below are 5 great gifts that those picky tweens are bound to love!            

Christmas Gifts for First Time Parents

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We all know those first time parents, staggering around looking half dead and in desperate need of a nap! So what do they want for Christmas?   1. Babies are expensive and there are loads of things that new parents need, but one of the most appreciated could be a day off! Offer to babysit

Top Retro Gifts for 2012

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      Remembering your childhood is one thing, but bringing those memories back to friends and family is another. One of the greatest gifts anyone can receive this year is the gift of happiness; just how you remember Christmas felt as a child. You remember the good old days and the gifts you got

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The Story of Mistletoe and other Christmas Symbols

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  Christmas is the season for joy and forgiveness, however it is also full of strange and beautiful traditions we all follow without really understanding. In this article I will look at 5 of these Christmas traditions and attempt to explain the history behind it, when did it start?       1 – Mistletoe:

Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs of 2012

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    It’s 2012 and buying a gift for your Canine should definitely be a part of the Christmas tradition, mainly because they’re an important part of the family. You may think that purchasing a gift for a dog should be easy as pie, for instance a scrumptious bone or a squeaky toy, but choosing

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for your Sister

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      Christmas shopping for your sister can either be like shopping for the most high maintenance girl you know or for the most easy going girl who is always satisfied with the “it’s the thought that counts”. If you’re a sister shopping for a sister the gift must be brilliant although if you’re

10 things not to do During a Christmas Party

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  It’s the holiday time of the year; which calls for mouthwatering food, drink and, of course, multiple invitations to the best Christmas parties. This is for those who are still recovering from past shameful Christmas party experiences or those who are attending a Christmas party for the first time and need some tips on

Christmas Turkey

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While Christmas meals vary from place to place, our favourite Christmas main will always be a Roasted Turkey! Here’s a great recipe, courtesy of Jamie Oliver!     Serves: 8-10 hungry people.   Ingredients for the turkey: • 5kg turkey, preferably free-range or organic • olive oil • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

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