Polish Christmas Eve

Polish Christmas Eve
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1) Hay: (under a tablecloth on a table and under the table. Signifies the stable.

2) Set an empty place setting for a stranger who may arrive at your door.

3) Prayer

4) Holy Bread or regular bread broken in pieces. Pass from the oldest to the youngest. Mother, oldest to the youngest and last to the Father.

5) Whiskey Toast: Father 1st, Mother, oldest to youngest (drink a little bit from the same glass Signifies the Birth of Jesus).

6) Galic & Salt: (ketp on the table) Signifies good health – you do not need to eat it if you do not want to.

7) Piegories

8) Cabbage Rolls with potatoes and rice (Christmas Eve meal if meatless).

9) Saukerkaut soup with baby lima beans and sauted onions on the top.

10) Shelled nuts (after the meal – they are thrown on the table.

12) Leave a little bit of food on your plate (for the Angels).

13) Do not clear off the table dishes until morning.

14) Put silverware under the tablecloth on the straw after the meal.

15) Attend Midnight Mass.

16) 1st one up Christmas morning had to get cold water from the spring, place silver coins in the water and everyone had to wash with silver coins (signifies wealth).

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