Randy the Red-Horned Rainmoose

Randy the Red-Horned Rainmoose
- a musical play by Rick Kilcup

This play has 18 characters, set in Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve.  This play tells the story of what happens when Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer catches a cold and cannot guide Santa’s sleigh.  The weather is guide Santa’s sleigh.  The weather is bad and Rudolph needs to stay home and rest.  Santa discovers that Randy the Rainmoose, who keeps the workshop clean, has glowing red antlers.  With one dose of Momma Elf’s Magical, Multipurpose Oven Cleaner and Reindeer Flying Elixir, Rudolph has a suitable substitute to guide the sleigh.

The Big book of Christmas Plays. Edited by Sylvia Kamerman.  Plays Inc.: Boston, MA, c1988.

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