Santa does NOT live at the North Pole!

Santa does NOT live at the North Pole!

Lots of people seem to be unaware of the fact that Santa lives in Finnish Lapland. At the foot of a distant fell called Korvatunturi in Finnish (Ear Fell in English), Santa has his village where he lives with his wife and hundreds of elves, who are busy all year through making the presents for the kids of the world. The elves were originally small brownies who protected and took care of the various buildings in the old farmhouses, but as the machines and the modern world came, they had to flee northwards. Fortunately Santa is always short of skillful workers!

Who has ever seen a reindeer in the North Pole? Nobody, I can tell you! But if you come to Lapland, you will see them everywhere. The reindeer pulling Santa´s sleigh are among these reindeer, but they are on holiday with their friends when it is not Christmas.

Unfortunately Ear Fell is so far away that only a few Lapps who have lost their way in a snowstorm have seen the place, but the ones who did are very reliable citizens whom you can ask any time.

If this sounds incredible, make a test!! The real Santa, apart from speaking fluent English, speaks Finnish at home. So if the Santa you are talking to doesn´t reply “HYVAA JOULUA!” when you wish him Merry Christmas in Finnish using the same words, he is not the real one!!

(sent by Juha Hyrsky, Turku)

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