SCMS Christmas-Part 1

SCMS Christmas-Part 1
Nan McNeill

James G’s Christmas: My family celebrates Christmas by going to bed on Christmas Eve and getting up and opening some of our presents before Mom and Dad get up. Then we eat and after they get up we open the rest.

We go see our Grandparents and we give them something for Christmas and we see all our cousins and we exchange gifts with of them. Then we eat a big meal with our family and then we go back home and the cousins and friends come and we play with our toys that we got for Christmas.

After Christmas we take down the decorations and then we burn the tree.


Roger’s Christmas: One Christmas my Dad dressed like Santa Claus. He gave toys to the needy people. On Christmas day my Dad was Santa at my Memaw’s house. People waved at him. We had a big dinner of pies, green beans, stuffing, potato salad and okra. We also had deviled eggs, chicken, corn and sweet peas. We ate it all up!!


Josh’s Christmas: When Christmas Eve comes my family goes to eat. Then we go to look at Christmas lights. Then it is home to see a movie. Then we start to cook. Every Christmas we cook a thing called the Christmas cake. This year it is my turn to decide what cake to make. I am going to cook a cheese cake with strawberries and fudge. After we eat we play a game. I always win each year.

Then we all go to sleep and in the morning we go to open the presents. Then we talk till 12:00. At 12:00 we go to Atlanta to see our Dad’s family. When we all get there we play football with the men. I don’t know what the girls do. After the game we go inside and eat a big meal of ham, turkey, and anything else you can think of.


Corey’s Christmas: The first thing we do to begin celebrating Christmas is to go get a Christmas tree. We bring it home and put lights and ornaments on it. This is 5 days before Christmas.

On Christmas morning we get up and open the presents. A good breakfast comes next. Then we watch Christmas movies all day. At night we play with our toys. It is time to clean up the living room and put everything away before bed time.

One Christmas I saw Santa. I ran outside and saw eight tiny reindeer fly off in a flash. I heard Santa say HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as I watched Santa fly away in his bright red sleigh. After all of that was over we sang Christmas carols.

If we have snow we all go outside the day after Christmas and play in the snow and build snowmen. When we get cold we come in and make cookies, cake and snow ice cream.

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