SCMS Christmas-Part 2

SCMS Christmas-Part 2
Nan McNeill

Karinzia’s Christmas: Christmas Eve my Grandmother lets me open my gifts before anyone else. That’s because I live with her and I go spend Christmas day with my mother and sister.

Christmas Eve all of my family gathers together at my house for dinner. We have turkey and dressing, ham and cheese and all the trimmings. My favorite part of the dinner is dessert.

Christmas day my sister and I open her gifts from me! She is so happy and that makes me happy. After opening our presents we have to get ready to have our Christmas lunch with our mother’s family.

We play games. Twister is our favorite. It’s lots of fun. My sister and I play with our toys that we got for Christmas. Later my mother and I sit down and talk about our day and if I like the toys that she gave me.

Late in the afternoon I go back home to pack to leave for the beach. We always go to the beach for Christmas. What fun I have!!!


Tee’s Christmas: I celebrate Christmas at my house. I always wake-up first. I wake-up at three o’clock every Christmas, even when I was a baby. I try to wake-up my brother but he hits me because he’s grumpy. I then go and try to wake-up my parents so I can open my presents but they stay asleep. I sleep on the couch to wait for them to wake-up. They don’t wake-up until 7 o’clock. When they do wake-up I’m asleep! I get woken up then and I am tired, but I see about 8 billion 5 hundred presents with my name on all of them!!! I have to share the presents with my brother.

We open the stockings first and then one person at a time opens a gift. Smallest people go first–I like that decision!! My Mom and Dad have to go last because they are big. It’s like David verses Golieth and I’m David. I’m only 4’6”. When we are all done opening presents we clean-up — it takes FOREVER.

We eat our Christmas ham usually at 5:00 p.m. because we have to wait for our relatives to come over. They say Santa came to the wrong house and he left presents at their house for me, but I know that they got them for me for Christmas.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I get to open my presents my relatives give me. They are always cool gifts because I have the coolest grandparents and the best relatives in the whole wide world. When it is about 7 o’clock my relatives go home.


Malcom’s Christmas: We celebrate Christmas with my Mom cooking a big dinner for us. We wake up and we open the presents. We eat breakfast and play with our toys. We go to my grandmom’s house to see what my cousins got from Santa. We tell stories and watch Christmas movies together.


Scotty’s Christmas: At my house on Christmas Eve we eat supper then I go outside and feed my dogs and chickens. Then I go down the trail to the creek and get some water for them. When I go in we all watch a movie about Christmas stories and then we say our prayers and we go to bed.

The next morning I am the first one up and I make a pot of coffee and then I get everyone up and we all drink coffee or cocoa. We all do our chores around the house and barn. Before we open our presents we thank God for them and for letting us live another year. Then we open gifts to see what everyone got. Christmas dinner is at my Gran’s house. The boys go across the trestle and hunt for rabbits until 3 o’clock. We open even more presents. We go outside and play the rest of the day.


James L’s Christmas: We get a tree and decorate it with lights, throws, little balls, and candy canes. Our cat always sleeps in the tree during Christmas. She likes the cloth angels and the ornaments.

My grandparents come two days early so they can give us a present. We love to see them. They bring some cookies or a homemade cake.

After my sister goes to sleep my mom and I put the presents under the tree. At mom’s house we don’t open the presents until everyone is awake. We open one present at a time so everyone can see what each person gets.

At my dad’s house I’m the only kid there so I get all the presents. All the presents might not make it the night because my dad’s roommate has a dog.

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