SCMS Christmas-Part 3

SCMS Christmas-Part 3
Nan McNeill

Tamara’s Christmas: We celebrate Christmas by giving everybody presents. We eat turkey, cake, other stuff with Papa, Graney, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, and brothers. We can eat and open presents at the same time.

This year I don’t want presents. I want money. I am getting a nike ring. I don’t want a nike ring….I want some money.

We usually have a Christmas party every year. We eat a big dinner of turkey, cherry cake, egg salad, coconut cake, ham, veggies, cornbread, and green beans. I go to see my Daddy during the Christmas holidays which is near my boyfriend’s house. I like going to see my dad and I can see my boyfriend. We decorate the house with a tree and lights. My half-sister comes to my dad’s house too. I love her, she is the best sister in the whole wide world.


Tyler’s Christmas: On Christmas Eve my family gathers at my Grandmother Thompson’s house. All of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and greatgrandparents open gifts and have a meal. We eat party snacks and punch. Everyone shares their gifts to let us know what they received. After we go home it is usually late so I go to bed.

On Christmas day we wake up at the crack of dawn to see what Santa has left us under the tree. We play with our gifts for a couple of hours, then it’s time to go next door to my Mimi’s house. Gifts are exchanged and we have holiday cheer. After I leave there we go to my Grandma’s house for a late breakfast and to exchange our gifts. By this time I’ve got so many gifts I don’t know which one to enjoy first.

We have a big meal with turkey and all the trimmings. After I stuff my face we finally go home and start enjoying our presents. As you can see my holiday is a very busy tradition.


Matt’s Christmas: First thing I do on Christmas break is take three hours to drive to my dad’s house and then another 45 minutes to my gramdma’s. I eat dinner and open presents. After that I take another 45 minute drive back to my dad’s house. Then he takes a hour nap while we watch TV.

Then we go to my grandpa’s house. When I get there I give everyone a hug. They tell me how tall I have grown. Then we eat this stuff that we don’t like and don’t even know what it is. Then we open presents. All the boys always get the same thing every year. We never say anything. The girls just love getting the same thing every year. After that we clean up all the wrapping paper. The adults go in the kitchen and talk. My step-grandma will fuss at me for asking dad a question. We stay so late we spend the night. The next day we get up and drive three hours back to mom’s house and we don’t see dad for two weeks.

That night my mom and my brother and sister and me go to my grandma’s house. When I see everyone I know I am home. I get all the things I want and I want all the things I get. Then we eat and take pictures. After that we go home and stay up late. When we wake up the next day it is Christmas day. Some years we have a white Christmas, but most we don’t.


Chris’ Christmas: I would like to tell you a story about Christmas at my house. My name is Chris and I am 12 years old. I have a sister named Jessica and a brother named Marky. We spend half of Christmas with our mother and half with our father so Santa comes to see us two times. We live with our mother most of the time. At Christmas we put up a tree and put pretty things on it. We put presents under it to give to each other. We read Christmas books then we go to our grandparents to see them and our cousins. We eat cakes and cookies and granny cooks good food for us to eat. We play all day until it’s dark then we say good night and go home to get ready for bed and hope Santa will come see us with lots of presents. It’s hard to sleep when you are waiting for Santa Claus. Sometimes we put milk and cookies out on the table for Santa. When we wake up there are more presents under the tree so we go wake up mama. We open the gifts. We play all day with our new toys then we go to our father’s the next day to see if Santa left us presents at his house. We stay there for a few days and then go home.

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