How to Start Your Own Holiday Lighting Business!

How to Start Your Own Holiday Lighting Business!

Make Some Extra Money Hanging Christmas Lights 

Do you need to supplement your income during the holidays or just looking to make some extra cash for the holidays? If you’re thinking of starting a Christmas business and need ideas you are in the right place.

CHRISTMAS BUSINESS IDEA: Start a Holiday Lighting Business

If you enjoy decorating your home for the holidays and have a creative mind and are the slightest bit handy, you could enjoy this Christmas business decorating homes for the holidays.

  • Very low start up costs – no inventory to carry and minimal supplies. If your clients need additional decorations, they pay for them.
  • Very strong holiday demand might give you an opportunity to do something else the rest of the year for variety.
  • You can grow this business at your own pace through referrals from satisfied clients and word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Immediate pay!!! Get paid when you done with the job.


Starting any business can be a scary thing!

Entrepreneurs face many challenges when starting a new business. A depressed economy, uncertain market conditions and financial struggles all pose a legitimate threat to the successful launch of a new business. However, there are also many benefits of starting your own business and the payoff can be HUGE!

Here are some questions to ask yourself to know if this business if right for you:

Do you want to make your own schedule?
Do you want to choose who you work with?
Do you want to choose how much $$ you make?
Most importantly, do you want to make yourself and others proud?

Did you answer yes to these questions? Then we want to help you start your own holiday home business. 

We Hang Christmas Lights has a proven strategy for starting a Christmas Light Installation business and are willing to share it with you. Not only will we share it, we will provide you with step-by-step guidelines, marketing materials, as well as an experienced mentor to help you every step of the way.
If you are ready to take over your life and make it what you want then please give us a call at 951-541-4482!!!

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