Styles of Christmas on one island.

Styles of Christmas on one island.

Styles of Christmas on one island.

It’s nice to think of Christmas,bundeling up in front of the fireplace,listening to “Jingle Bells” in the background, hearing the laughter and glee of the kids as they open their presents.

Well,imagine that with no fire,because everyone’s out celebrating,instead of getting clothes and toys,you get flowers and crafts made by natives,and it’s many days,not just one night.You finish it with a big party outside to bring in the New Year.

This all happens in the Bahamas,with one little exception.

There’s more than one custom here.Since the Bahamas are such a famous tourist spot,we get people from all aruond the world with their different styles,customs,and expertise to make it such a big and colorful celebration.It’s kinda like “Marde de Gras” with major Christmas influence.

With people from all over,it’s kinda hard to just have the holiday for only one day,so that’s why we have it for many days.We have games,like best makeover costom,kids have a minute to dress up dad or mom,a way for the kids to get even with the parents,and we have a big parade at night full of different floats from the local shops.

It’s really great way to have fun and take a vacation from it all.So if you are in the neighborhood,don’t be afrid to jion in with the festiveties.

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