The Joyful tree: the highest luminous tree

The Joyful tree: the highest luminous tree
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A marvellous Christmas tree appears every year at Bussero, a small town a few kilometres from Milan, Italy.

The Joyful Tree is unlike other trees: it is an artificial Christmas tree 62,5 metres high, illuminated by 93,400 lights, and it has been included in the Guinness Book of Records three times in the last three years.

It is a considerable achievement, not only technologically but also in terms of the commitment, design skills, and energy of the specialist technicians involved.

The tree represents an enormous “Happy Christmas” for all those who live in Bussero or pass through it every day. Most of all, however, it is a technological challenge that becomes more daring each year: taller, with more lights and full of special effects and evocative illuminated figures.

A Christmas tree which, reaches into the sky above Bussero for 45 days every year, from 1st December to 16th January.

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