The winter christmas of Norway

The winter christmas of Norway

The winter christmas of Norway
Santa’s helper

Norway is really the homeland of gnomes,trolls and santa’s little helpers (nisser) so it’s kinda weird.

Anyway I want to tell you guys about the Norwegian christmas and it’s traditions.

In the first sunday of december we start lightning candles (total of four, where one for each week until christmas).

And all around Norway on the schools, cities and villages people light big christmas trees and have “adventsfester”, something like outdoor parties.

In the meantime and in christmas we drink something called “Gløgg/ Glogg”, (it would be something like Glug

on english).

It’s a drink of a lot spices and extracts which Norwegians always prepare during Christmas.

In the schools we don’t learn anything about christmas in other countries and just the last or two last days goes to do something “fun” like watching christmas movies e.t.c.

On the last school day of december (often the 21′st) the junior high school pupils (in my school though) go to the church for a christmas lesson and singing christmas songs.

After that we get our mark/grade book.

In the few days before christmas eve familys buy christmas trees, the family members come home if they live long way from home and people are shopping christmas gifts as well sending them to people.

And people bake cookies as “Julemenn”,”pepperkaker” and

other cookies.

Finally in the christmas morning the kids/teens get’s down and sometimes eat christmas breakfast (often with a christmas cheese called Edamer).

Some kids will get permission to open one or two gifts in the morning.

Some familys then go to the church before the dinner at five o` clock (or 6, various from family to family).

Then we eat food like porkmeat,lamb (Pinnekjøtt),surkaal,potatoes,tunor fish and even turkey (kalkun).

The kids often drink “julebrus” (a strawberry soda) or/and “ingefærøl” (Gingerbeer).

The adults drink christmasbeer, “pils”, and some vine.

Then we eat a lot of sweet/dessert and drink even more

untill we almost lie on the ground.

Satisfied as we are we often go to the livingroom (or where the christmass tree/gifts are) and often one of the kids will read who’s christmas gifts to, and from who while the others are getting their gifts.

After that people are even more satisfied.

The two days after christmas eve it’s usual to not visiting friends or have visitors.

This is called “christmas peace”, eller “julefred”.

That’s called “Romjula”, and exist until 31′th of december, to new year.

The santa clause in norway is called “Julenisse” and is the master of all the “nisser” (the same as gnomes).

There’s even used Trolls in the norwegian christmas.

Gnomes,(nisser) and Trolls are often figures standing outside the outdoor with christmas clothes.

Many people decorade their houses and territorys with lights around trees and bushes.

And we place christmas lights in the windows and christmas curtains.

This is what I think the Norwegian christmas is like, it’s too bad people don’t know how fine the Norwegian christmas is. Norway will always be the home of christmas for me, of course besides the North Pole :)

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