Think about Christmas

Think about Christmas

Think about Christmas

This Christmas is going to be unlike any other Christmas because it is the last Christmas of the Millennium. Every year I say that Chrismas is going to be unlike last year but this time it is true. A few days before Christmas I hear about people who are homeless this Christmas and who cannot afford Christmas presents. I feel sorry for them and would like to do something but never get the time. Maybe when I am older I might do something to help people who are homeless.

This year I am getting a Gameboy and a Friend Link for Christmas. I thought that that was not a lot, but when I think about people who do not get much, I thought it was a lot. So think about how much you are getting for Christmas and think about how little homeless people are getting.

My New Years resolution is: Not to fight with my sister and to help people before I die.

By Suzanne

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