Top 10 gift ideas for Geeks

Top 10 gift ideas for Geeks



Having trouble shopping for the geek on your Christmas list?


Every year many people are faced with a familiar problem; what are the best gifts to buy for the geek in your life. Statistics show that there are more male geeks than female so this adds the further problem of finding the top gifts for men – always a challenge. Here is a helpful list to get you started and make sure you are up to date with the latest trends and best gifts.




#1 Telephoto Lens

Is your family geek and avid photographer? Why not buy him a new lens for his camera! He will get a kick out of using it and can fuss about it’s technical specification, just make sure you check first to find exactly what type of camera he uses.



#2 Something for His Offspring

Maybe your geek is a brand new father and you need something for the baby that he will love as well. Try this baby snap suit that is a replica of the engineering uniform in Star Trek, but take care because it’s a red shirt and geeks know what that means.



#3 A Geeky Game

Risk is the ultimate geeky game, hours of fun taking over the world. Make your family boxing day a Risk day.



#4 A Sweet Treat

These magic berries are harmless but for an hour they change the shape of the taste buds on the tongue. This changing of shape means that the flavor of food changes, tobacco sauce will taste like donut glaze! After an hour the taste buds will revert back to normal, no damage done but a cool experience.



#5 Touch Screen Gloves

Do you have an athletic geek to please? North face now makes gloves with a special pad on the finger that works on touch screens, so no more wrestling gloves off halfway through a bike ride to check that email.



#6 Sonic Screw Driver

Who doesn’t want a sonic screwdriver like Doctor Who? This is the 11th Doctors screwdriver; frankly we have never seen a screwdriver that can do so many weird and wonderful things.



#7 Personalized Tree Ornament

This special ornament will make your geek’s Christmas and is sure to hang in the prime place on the tree every year.



#8 The Big Bang Theory Boxed Set

It is almost compulsory for geeks to love the story of 4 geeky guys and one pretty girl living close together. Full of smart jokes that will be sure to have everyone laughing.



#9 A Magic Wand

This is an unusual and seriously cool present for anyone this year. Now they can sit on the couch and act like a wizard, controlling their TV through their magic wand.



#10 A Virtual Keyboard

Now they never have to carry an actual keyboard again! This cube projects a virtual keyboard or iPod and iPhone that they can use anywhere. Your favorite geek will now be the envy of all his friends.



At the end of the day shopping for the geek on your Christmas list doesn’t have to be hard, geeky gifts are easy to find just look for the newest trends and you will be sure to find the perfect gift for your nerdy loved one.


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