Top 5 Christmas Gifts for your Sister

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for your Sister




Christmas shopping for your sister can either be like shopping for the most high maintenance girl you know or for the most easy going girl who is always satisfied with the “it’s the thought that counts”. If you’re a sister shopping for a sister the gift must be brilliant although if you’re a brother, the gift was bound to suck anyways. Here’s how to fix that with the Top five Christmas Gift ideas for your sister.








  1. Clothing: every girl likes clothing and the bigger their closet the better, but if you have no idea of your sister’s taste in clothing, don’t risk it. An alternative can be the purchasing a gift-card from her favorite clothing store or going off her wish list on, that way she doesn’t have to pretend like she likes the horrid shirt you got her.


  1. Jewelry: The simpler the better, unless her style is bold. Maybe even engrave a quote on a bracelet that is relative to your relationship, it will be a memorable item representing the bond between you two.


  1. Perfume or scented lotions: Most Girl love to smell good, make sure she knows you’re not implying that she stinks by gifting her perfume, although it could be a good laugh.


  1. Books: If you’re dealing with a girl who enjoys reading books in her spare time, gift her a book that she hopefully will enjoy. Try to understand the theme of most of the books that she reads and find something similar.


  1. Concert Tickets: Analyze your sisters choice of music, has she possibly been drooling over One Direction or even a band that happens to be coming in town soon? If so, GRAB THOSE TICKETS! You’re sister will adore you because you’d be the reason why she got to experience a day jamming to her favorite music but this time, live in concert. Why not go with her? It’s a great day out for you two to have some fun! Why not pre-empt the tickets with the newest CD or single?


Remember, it’s not what YOU like it’s about what she’d like. Investigation is highly recommended and yes, for some that means actually trying to get to know your sister, who knows you might even like her! And for those who already know your sister well enough, this should be a piece of cake!

2 Responses to “Top 5 Christmas Gifts for your Sister”

  1. Sophie says:

    GiftCards! Every sister loves a new giftcard to her favorite store. May I suggest Bath and Body Works,iTunes,American Eagle or JCrew,Apple store or her favorite resteraunt. Trust me, she’ll love it.