Top Retro Gifts for 2012

Top Retro Gifts for 2012




Remembering your childhood is one thing, but bringing those memories back to friends and family is another. One of the greatest gifts anyone can receive this year is the gift of happiness; just how you remember Christmas felt as a child. You remember the good old days and the gifts you got in Christmas’s past. What could be more perfect than recreating those memories from many years ago? Here is a list of the retro gifts that are coming out of Grandma’s attic.







  1. Christmas Sweater-

For those embarrassing Christmas day pictures everyone loves to see.


2. Caboodles-

Why not feel like a diva in style? Makeup cases for women of all ages with a flashback to your childhood days.


3. Leg Warmers-

Fashionable and warm, these leg warmers are packing in the heat, but with a kick of style.


4. Moon Boots-

Show the snow whose boss with this blast from the past boots. The winter weather is no match for the tough competitor it faces.


5. Music Box-

Who’s in the mood for a little song whilst you’re getting ready? Have no fear; the music box makes the morning a little easier with its gentle melody.


6. Wagons-

Trips to the park and walks are no problem with a wagon. Just like your childhood, the wagon was your trusty source of transportation and every trip was a new adventure.


7. Action Figures-

Saving the world of defending the princess from the evil dragon leads to mental explorations and hours upon hours of excitement. Action figures are back and they are more ready than ever to conquer those dangerous tasks that only your young one can supply.


8. Lunch Boxes-

Pack a snack in style with a trendy lunch box. Fun for all ages and a perfect gift. Whether it’s your husband’s lunch at the office or your youngster’s first day of school, they’ll be eating in class.


9. Rubik’s Cube-

Master the precise puzzle just like you used to back in the day. Keep it for you or let someone else share in the challenge, this cube will reward those that learn the rules.


10. Crimping Iron-

For the little hairdresser in creation or the old fashioned look you always wanted to bring back, a crimper makes the perfect gift for the diva ready to show the world their bold new look.

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